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Jan 11

i took a photo today of my friend bo adams.

this is a photo of my good friend bo adams, who also happens to be my tattoo artist. i wanted to try out a new ringlight i just purchased and it seemed like today was a good a day as any. what do you think of the shot?

if you ever need a tattoo, check out the electric pen in north hollywood. he does great work, is super nice, and is surprisingly affordable.

This is Bo Adams.  He does all my tattoos.  Super nice guy.

Aug 10

shut it down open up shop

Jul 10

white seamless photography, a tutorial

Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts, and countless other great photographers have rocked the white background for decades. I recently went to a huge bookstore here in Atlanta and counted the number of magazine covers shot with a simple white background like we are going to investigate here. 87 COVERS SHOT ON WHITE OR A VARIATION OF A WHITE BACKGROUND. Eighty-seven magazine covers at one book store. Its everywhere and it is everywhere because it is simple and effective and makes your subjects pop. It beats the bloody hell out of any wrinkled up grey/blue/brown muslin any day of the week. Walk into a Target store this week and look at the in-store signage. How did I learn to shoot like this? Because this is how we shot JC Penney’s catalogue clearance images when I shot for them. Need to add text and other artwork to a photo? A simple white background lets you do so all day long.

If I had but one backdrop to use for portraiture I would choose a simple roll of white seamless paper. With one roll of paper you can create many options. For the rest of the week I’m going to break it down for you. We are going to look at getting it to pop to pure white, making it various shades of grey, getting it to go black, gelling it to any color in the rainbow, and doing very easy and quick changes in post production to further the visual options available to us when using such a simple background.

As simple as it is, it can be easy to mess up too. I hope to help you out like other photographers have helped me along the way.Before we get into the shooting technique for this, let’s start from the start and look at the gear and resources needed to pull this off.

For the full tutorial, see

Jul 10

Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet Card

Jun 10

great photography workflow video

if you want to know how the pros do it, chase jarvis explains it better than anyone i’ve ever seen.