Feb 11

My Latest Photography Series – Fairy Tale Dreams

I’m working on a new photography series called, “Fairy Tale Dreams”. It involves funny creatures and big ideas. Here is one I took this weeked:

Nice to see you.

Shot with Nikon D7000, and one Profoto 7b, with Elinchrom Deep Octa placed camera left. Triggered with pocket wizards.

Feb 11

i’m still working on my photography

Sunday Creature

Jan 11

this is my friend vince

i’ve been somewhat obsessed with photography lately. i like creating original characters. glamour portraits just don’t offer much to me in terms of stimulation, but creating little weirdo moments does. there are a lot of photographers who know how to light, but most of them just pose a scantily clad woman in front of a backdrop, or next to a car. that does not interest me. i like photographs that offer more intrigue, that seem to ask, what the hell is going on here? while i still have a lot to learn, this photo makes me laugh.

i shot this with my nikon D7000 and two nikon sb-700 speedlights. peep my flickr for more.


Dec 10

i like this mr. spacey

Dec 10

latest Face Off promo

check out the latest promo for my current project, “Face Off”

Dec 10

there are stars in los angeles

i shot this with a 50mm lens off of my patio.

Aug 10

Kodak 1922 Kodachrome Film Test

i don’t get to work with film nearly as often as i would like. seeing this movie makes me want it even more.

Jul 10

Ultimate Gamer Season 2 Trailer!!!!!!

as you can probably tell, ultimate gamer is one of my favorite shows i’ve ever had a hand in producing. season 1 was amazing, but season 2 is even better. everyone on the production side, everyone at samsung, and everyone at the wcg pulled out all the stops, and i’m very proud of the results. we’re still in post putting things together but do me a favor, check out the new trailer and tell me what you think.

Jul 10

super mario bros never gets old

Super Mario Bros. from Andreas Heikaus on Vimeo.

Jul 10

Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet Card